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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sign of the Woman Revelation Begins September 2017 Final Warning is here !!!!!

On September 23rd 2017 there will be a sign in heaven that fulfills revelation chapter 12  a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars giving birth to a man child giving birth to Jupiter. This event unlocks the meaning of revelations and will start a sequences of events that will begin from the year 2017 and lead to the beginning of the tribulation around 2025 or 2030 but within our lifetime.
Revelation chapter 12  begins with the sign of the Woman on September 2017, now we can follow the fulfillment of scripture with events on earth from that time forward.
  1. Sign of the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet with a crown of 12 stars will appear on September 23rd 2017 
  2. This will begin a time of Travail in the world in the following years after 2018
  3.  After this time there will be a sign of the Great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns. This will be an event in space in which the devil will show himself;
  4. After the appearance of the Red Dragon his tail will draw 1/3rd of the stars in heaven and cast them to the earth. This will be a great falling of demonic angles to the earth before the tribulation begins. and the dragon will stand before the woman
  5. The woman Brings forth a man child king which is caught up into heaven and begins the first half of the tribulation as she runs into the wilderness for 1260 days. This event is a rapture of select young men and woman born from the church and begins the 7 year tribulation but the church will endure the tribulation.
  6.  Towards the end of the 1260th day Satan and all Fallen Angels will fall to the earth and will begin to kill and eradicate all Christians
  7. An asteroid event will occur on earth and will create a bottomless pit on the earth in the middle of the tribulation this will allow the false prophet to walk on the earth from the pit and represents the demons and fallen angles from the pit which creates miracles on the earth 
  8. The church will then endure and or escape this persecution for 3 1/2 years   
  9. Israel and Jews will never accept Jesus as lord and may worship the Antichrist during the tribulation 
  10. At the End of the 7th year the Devil will make war with the remnant of those in Christ at Armageddon and the false prophet will lead the beast from the sea as a leopard, bear, lion as the nations of Islam to march towards Israel to kill kill kill but will result in the return of Jesus to earth 
  11. During this time America will be destroyed as she represents mystery Babylon as occultist rule in the leadership over the world
    The sign of 2017 will last 12 yeas as Jupiter is born from the woman and revolves around the constellations to meet her at the same position ending in 2029 which may signify the return of the man child the return of Jesus Christ by the end of 2029. This Also signifies a hidden crown of Jupiter as it rotates around the constellations for 12 years or 12 Jupiter's

    The sign of 2017 signifies a time of world collapse and war during that time followed by the sign of the dragon which signifies a falling of 1/3 rd of angles to the earth. This is clearly a falling of angles to the earth which will lead up to the sign of the birth of the man child and the beginning of the tribulation After which time 1260 days the dragon will fall and have 3 1/2 years to export 666 and make war against those in Christ. assembling all Muslim nation to march to Israel to make war and even fight against the coming of Jesus. 

    The woman = the chosen church
    The Dragon = the Devil
    The Stars = the Angles
    The man Child = Small amount of Chosen people maby children in a small rapture event
    The false prophet = the Demons / angles from the bottomless pit itself
    The beast from sea = Muslim nations rally to destroy Jerusalem
    The 3rd Temple = The location of the abomination of desolation
    10 horns = 10 appointed kings


    1. Hi Brother in Christ
      You probably ignore this but there is an amazing coincidence. Catholics see that Woman Clothed in the Sun as a figure of the Church and also as Mary giving birth to Christ and aka to the Church (made up of Christians), Mother of God. Did you know that 2017/October is the centennial of the Fatima apparitions in Portugal and especially October 2017 will bring the centennial of 'The Miracle of the Sun'?? - and that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was in November 1917 in our Calendar??
      See what this US citizen, Charlie Johnston says about 2017 and the Rescue from God: The Next Right Step

    2. William Tapley says that the Sign indicates the end of the Tribulation:

      And so he coincides with Charlie Johnston from The Next Right Step.

      1. this sign signifies the beginning of events leading to the bigger sign of the dragon and the sign of the man child. the sign of the man child taken to heaven signifies the beginning of the 1260 days of the first half of the tribulation after which the fallen angles will all fall to the earth and all devils will come out of the bottomless pit and seek to kill all those in christ the woman and they will use Muslims to do it and the jews play a roll in that time but they do not call jesus lord so they may even lift up the antichrist but who knows

    3. Be advised and be aware.

    4. The sign that will appear in the sky on September 23, 2017 is NOT the GREAT SIGN of Revelation Chapter 12:1.

      The content of the video "Apocalypse 12 and 13 REVEALS in the Stars" 1080p (Turn on English Subtitles): is really extraordinary, wonderful and surprising, because reveals how the angel sent by God to his servant John was based on the constellations to show us a summary of the War between Good and Evil.
      Now we know that this story was captured first in the stars!! And afterwards "in an illustrated book" too: Rev. 12 and Rev. 13.

      Although Rev. 12 may seem to the Christians of today a lesson in history, it was not for the early Church of almost 2000 years ago, which suffered severe persecution on the part of Rome after the death of Yahshua. Nor was it for those who suffered and were killed during the papal Inquisition.

      Let us begin...

      With the video we can see that the tail of the Serpent (Serpens Cauda) is in a large group of stars in the Milky Way and this group of stars REPRESENTS the abyss. We also see that the Sagittarian Constellation SYMBOLIZES a king who is about to ascend from the abyss, according to Rev. 11:7 and 17:8; His name in Hebrew is Abaddon and, in Greek, Apollion, according to Rev. 9:11. And this king refers to John Paul II (

      But the most important thing about this video is that the 12-star crown is made up of 2 (two) constellations: that of Coma Berenice (of Berenice's queen) which has 3 (three) stars and that of Leon (Israel's crown, The Tribe of Judah), which has 9 stars. Nothing says of the planet Jupiter inside the belly of the constellation Virgo. Nothing is said of the three planets, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Why? Because in both Rev. Chapter 12 and in Rev. Chapter 13 the apostle John saw images based only on CONSTELLATIONS! HE DIDN'T SEE ANY IMAGES based on PLANETS. This means that Rev. 12:5 has no relation to the planet Jupiter but to the constellation of Libra (the Scale means Justice and Judge) as is revealed in the recommended video.

      So WHAT does the planet Jupiter that's circulating so much on the net TRULY represent? SATAN is behind this.


      1. Let's keep going...

        Once a year the sun lights up (dresses) the constellation Virgo. And every 12 years Jupiter passes through Virgo and every 83 years this planet makes a retrograde movement within the Virgo Constellation. And in all the months of September or October, it is common for the sun to appear in Virgo with the moon at its feet.
        What does this mean? THAT THE ONLY STRANGE next September 21, Feast of Trumpets, IS THE ALMOST PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF THE PLANETS VENUS, MARS AND MERCURY while the PLANET JUPITER leaves the womb of Virgo. It is a novel fact, never before recorded in all of history. But it turns out that Rev. 12 does not speak of any planet, nor of a planetary alignment. And curiously all this takes place during the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of the "Woman in the Sun", the virgin of Fatima who "appeared" in the sky in 1917. Satan is plotting for this year, because this phenomenon of four (4) planets does not appear in Rev. 12.

        Also with Google Sky there are those who speculate, using infrared, that NASA is hiding something in space: Many believe that after September 23, the Comet 67P or the planet X - Nibiru will appear under the feet of Virgo as the great red "dragon" of Revelations 12. However, we already learned in the video mentioned at the beginning that God configured The dragon of Rev 12:3 around the Constellation Draco + Constellation Serpens Caput (head of the serpent and its 10 horns) + Constellation Corona Borealis (Crown of the North, with 7 heads and 7 crowns) + Serpens Constellation Tail (Snake Tail) to describe in a perfect way the scarlet dragon of Rev. 12:3: "And there appeared another sign in heaven: behold a great scarlet dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems;"


      2. Something more to reveal ...

        I was researching about the constellation "Coma Berenices" and I found that means "Berenice hair or Berenice hair". It is located west of the constellation Leo and near the head of the constellation Virgo.
        The star "Diadem" is the second brightest star in the constellation "Coma Berenices" and presumes to be the jewel in the crown of Queen Berenice. This is derived from the Greek διάδημα (dídēma) which can be translated as "band" or "fillet".
        The constellation Coma Berenices, interestingly, was not established as a constellation until the sixteenth century.
        At the time of the apostle John, Coma Bernenices was considered as part of the constellation Leo.
        The Greek astronomer Ptolemy considered Coma Berenices as an asterism in the constellation of Leo. It represented the plume at the end of the tail of the lion, and it was not until the sixteenth century that Berenice's hair was promoted to a constellation in its own right.

        Asterism is a set of stars that seen from Earth appear to have a special arrangement or alignment in geometric form that are easily rememberable when evoking figures.

        And finally ...

        Let's not expect another dragon for after 9/23/2017, because If it appears another dragon in the sky would be by Satan to attempt against the Holy Scriptures and deceive many.

        The apostle John saw a GREAT red dragon (as detailed in the video above) after seeing a woman dressed in the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. But WE can see the two signs, Revelation 12:1 and Rev. 12:3 using current technology for several months before September 23, 2017 thanks to the video I quoted at the beginning or using the Stellarium program ( With this free open source planetary program for computers we can see a realistic 3D sky.


        The sign that will appear in the sky on September 23, 2017 is NOT the GREAT SIGN of Rev. 12:1 because no PLANETS appear in Rev. 12, nor in Rev. 13.
        Satan has CHANGED the constellation of Coma Berenice (of Queen Berenice) which has 3 stars for 3 (three) planets: Mars, Mercury and Venus. So why this CHANGE? So that we will ALSO accept the planet Jupiter as a symbol of the Messiah that is to come. But who is that Messiah? ...

        The TRUTH is that the two astronomical SIGNS of Revelations Chapter 12 are part of a MEGA IMAGE that covers the most relevant events of all history from Genesis to Revelation, as I said at the beginning of this message: That message was first embodied in the stars!! And afterwards "in an illustrated book": Rev. Chapters 12 and 13.

        Satan can soon use the event of September 23 next to deceive many. He knows how to twist the Holy Scriptures in the eyes of the world. That's why we say "CAUTION!" because the resurrection of John Paul II is at the gates!!..

        Marcelo Cuadras

      3. Let's review ...

        The 12-star crown, TODAY, is composed by 2 (two) constellations: that of Coma Berenice (of Queen Berenice) which has 3 (three) stars and that of Leon (Israel’s crown, the Tribe of Judah) which has 9 stars.
        But let us remember that in the time of the apostle John, Coma Bernenices was considered part of the constellation Leo.
        And what did Satan do? First DIVIDED Leo constellation in 2 (two) parts; for what? To later REPLACE the constellation of Coma Berenice (of the queen Berenice) that has 3 (three) stars FOR 3 (three) planets: Mars, Mercury and Venus. But Satan makes the CHANGE in the minds of many people, not in heaven.

        The MALE SON who was born is represented by the constellation of Libra, not by the planet Jupiter. The constellation of the Boyero symbolizes the MALE SON who will rule with IRON ROD TO ALL NATIONS. And the constellation Cepheus refers to the MALE SON when he was RUSHED FOR GOD AND HIS THRONE. Through these three constellations it is revealed to us that the SON MALE IS THE MESSIAH YAHSHUA: "And she gave birth to a son, who will rule with a rod of iron to all the nations, and his son was caught up to God and to his throne . "(Rev. 12:5)

        God spoke to the apostle John about constellations, not MIXING constellations with planets.
        Satan is the one who MIXES.

        The two signs in the sky of Rev. 12 aren”t for September 23, 2017 OR FOR ANY OTHER DATES IN PARTICULAR. Why? Because before our eyes "no constellation has changed place in the whole history of humanity." THE LOCATION of all the constellations in the time of the apostle John FOLLOWS THE SAME as of today. In two thousand years "they have not changed their position in space".

        Stars do move in the sky and they do it at fantastic speeds! But they are so far away from planet Earth that our eyes do not perceive their movements. Therefore it is said that the constellations "do not change places" or "do not move" for our view.

        In both antiquity and today, the human being has always been able to differentiate a star from a planet. But in the times of the apostle John astronomers didn’t know that the stars moved, only perceived the movement of the planets.

        "A constellation, in astronomy, is a conventional cluster of stars whose position in the night sky is APPEARING unchanged." (https://es.)

        Something else to finish ...

        "I stood on the sand of the sea, and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns; And on his horns ten diadems; And upon their heads a blasphemous name. "(Rev. 13:1)

        Here the apostle John saw a beast configured by God around the Constellation Draco + the Constellation Serpens Caput (head of the serpent and its 10 horns) + the Constellation Corona Borealis (North Crown, with 7 heads and 7 crowns) + The constellation Serpens Cauda (serpent's tail) + the Lince Constellation (similar to a leopard) + the Constellation Big Bear (its feet like the bear's feet) + the constellation Leo Minor (its mouth as the lion's).

        "And the beast that I saw was like to a leopard, and his feet like a bear's, and his mouth like a lion's ..." (Rev. 13:2)